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Director Nikhil Bhat reveals why he chose Tara Sutaria for Apurva: 'The misogynistic society we live in...'

Tara Sutaria is garnering applause for her performance in her latest survival thriller Apurva. The beautiful actress who made her debut with Karan Johar-produced Student Of The Year 2 has surprised critics and filmgoers by playing the character of a simple girl-turned-ruthless in the latest film.

If Tara has impressed the masses, major credit goes to the captain of the ship, the director, Nikhil Nagesh Bhat. Soon after the digital release of Apurva, Nikhil spoke to DNA for an exclusive conversation. During the interaction, Nikhil revealed why he chose Tara for the titular role, "Unfortunately, the misogynistic society we live in still considers women inferior. When these villains (Rajpal Yadav, and Abhishek Banerjee) kidnap her, they don't think of her as a threat. In that role, Tara symbolises a simple, homely girl, and when she transforms into a threat, it should hit the audience hard. Thus, I decided to cast Tara and she has nailed the part.

Nikhil further revealed that Tara had given her blood and sweat to the role and suffered multiple injuries during the shoot. "During the shoot, Tara dislocated her shoulder several times. In the scenes where she's been dragged by the kidnappers, Tara suffers several bruises on her hands. Tara used to lock herself in the car's trunk for 3-4 hours to feel claustrophobic."

Not only Tara but even Rajpal Yadav stunned filmgoers with his villainy act. Sharing Rajpal's enthusiasm for the role, he added, "Humare society mein jo criminal hote hai, they don't look menacing. they act menacing. They look like normal people. Similarly, Rajpal sir won't make you feel scared, as he's making us laugh for decades. You won't expect him to do such a role. But he is an NSD (National School of Drama) graduate, and he has surprised us with the performance he has brought to the role." Apurva is currently streaming on Disneyplus Hotstar.

Source : DNA India