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Brutal rapes of minors in Ujjain, Sikar reveal sad reality of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

While the country talks of development on the science, health, and industrial front, the ground reality of some of the most basic issues in India remains the same. Noting the horrific rape cases in Ujjain and Sikar, the true face of women’s safety in India has come into the public eye once again.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, a minor girl was brutally raped by several men, and was seen wandering the streets covered in blood half-naked asking bystanders for help. The young girl had to stumble on the streets for eight kilometers before someone finally stepped up and helped her.

The second horrific case is from Rajasthan’s Sikar, where a minor girl was gang raped after being abducted, beaten to death, and then her dead body was thrown into a well. While the governments of both states are different, the face of humanity remains the same.

In Ujjain, the CCTV footage showed that a girl dripping in blood was wandering the streets half-naked, with her tattered clothes barely covering her modesty, asking people for help. However, society showed its true face when a man was seen shooing her away from his doorway.

The girl, seriously injured and traumatized, kept walking for 2.5 hours before she reached the Dandi Ashram in Ujjain, where a Hindu priest took off his clothes to cover the minor girl and called for immediate medical assistance for the rape victim.

The second gang rape case emerging from Sikar is just as shocking and horrific. The victim, who was a 15-year-old girl, was studying in Class 10 and was staying with her parents. According to family members, she went missing at night. When she was not found even after a lot of searching, the family informed the police. Later, the police recovered her body from a well in the village. A case of gangrape and murder has been registered against three people on the complaint of the family members.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 31,670 rape cases were registered across the country in 2021, out of which 6 thousand three hundred and seventy-seven (6,377) cases were reported only in Rajasthan

There were also 1,400 cases in which the victim was a minor. Madhya Pradesh was second in terms of rape, where 2,947 cases of rape were registered. In 2021, 2,845 rape cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra, 2,496 rape cases were registered that year.

These figures released by the NCRB show that the cases of crime and rape of women are increasing in Rajasthan. And due to these increasing cases, Rajasthan has been number one in rape cases for the last three years. Madhya Pradesh is also not far behind in this list yet the policies and steps taken by the government show no change in the statistics of crimes against women.

Source : DNA India