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Anil Sharma claims Priyanka Chopra was removed from films after her nose surgery went wrong: 'Itna kharab chehra...'

Priyanka Chopra is probably the only actress from Bollywood, from the 2000s, who has successfully made her impression in the West. The Miss World 2000 winner made her Bollywood debut with Anil Sharma's directorial, The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. However, before Sunny Deol's The Hero, there was a dull phase in Priyanka's life, and she was on the verge of giving up her acting career.

In an interview with Bollywood Thikana, Anil Sharma revealed that Priyanka Chopra went into depression for a few months, as her nose surgery went terribly wrong, and she was removed from other film projects. Anil narrated that after Gadar: Ek Prem Katha was released, Anil signed Priyanka for his next movie, and he went on a short vacation for two months. After he returned to Mumbai, he got to know that Priyanka underwent a nose job to look like Julia Roberts. Anil said, "I left for a trip to America and Europe after Gadar was released, and I returned after two months and found out that Priyanka had gotten an operation on her nose because she wanted to look like Julia Roberts. This is what I read in the papers, and I wondered why she’d do something like this; she was already good-looking."

The director further added, "Itna kharab chehra, itni kaali lag rahi hai. Kya ho kya gaya hai isko? I called her immediately, and she came over the next day with her mother. They were in tears, they told me about the operation, which had even left a mark under her nose. It’s still there to this day. They said it would take months to heal, and that Priyanka had been dropped from several projects she’d already signed." Anil further stated that Priyanka's mother, Madhu revealed that she had a sinus problem, and thus she underwent nose surgery. The director added that the actress was on the verge of giving up, and she had decided to go back to Bareilly.

Anil came to the rescue of Priyanka and he called a veteran make-up artist, who used to work with Yash Chopra. Anil said, "I called him over. I said, 'Dada, yeh ladki hai, iska kya kar sakte hain?' He said he’d do something. Three days later, we shot a screen test with her. We gave her a short wig, and once the test was shot, we showed it to people, including Sunny Deol. They all thought she was beautiful." So, that's how Anil Sharma saved Priyanka Chopra's career.

Source : DNA India