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Imagine winning Rs 90,000 just for being lazy, here's what you need to know about 'Festival of Laziness’

The "Festival of Laziness" is an unusual event that could be seen as a dream competition for those who struggle to find motivation in life. However, it's important to note that this celebration is a genuine tradition, but it's not open to people living outside Montenegro. Hosted in the village of Brezna, this event has gained attention for its unique goal: to determine who can recline for the longest period without sitting or standing, with any such attempt resulting in immediate disqualification. Participants lounge on mattresses and engage in minimal activity, all in pursuit of winning the cash prize and earning the title of Montenegro's "laziest citizen."

This competition has been a tradition for the past 12 years and began on August 21 this year, still ongoing at the moment. Out of the initial 21 participants, four committed "laziness" enthusiasts remain, temporarily setting aside their family, work, and educational responsibilities. The ultimate winner will receive a significant cash prize of €1,000 (approximately Rs. 88,000).

Inside a barn-like structure with drawn curtains, mattresses cover the hard wooden floor. The room bears witness to messy piles of clothes, leftover meals, and discarded blankets, while participants spend their time gazing at mobile phones or trying to catch some sleep. They stay at a holiday resort, receive three meals a day, and are allowed restroom breaks every eight hours. Their health is closely monitored, but the primary rule remains simple: no sitting or standing upright, or they face disqualification. Nonetheless, participants can use their mobile phones, read books, and even have visitors.

This year's edition of the competition introduced a slight rule change, giving participants a 15-minute break every eight hours. This modification has allowed them to break the previous record, extending the duration beyond an impressive 24 days. While most contestants are from Montenegro, the competition has also attracted participants from Ukraine, Russia, and Serbia.

This quirky competition initially emerged as a playful way to challenge the stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy.

Source : DNA India