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Meet Maya Tata, one of the possible heirs to Ratan Tata's multi-million empire

Ratan Tata needs no introduction. He is a business giant and one of the most popular entrepreneurs. Today, we will talk about Ratan Tata's niece Maya Tata. Maya Tata is one of the three possible heirs. Maya Tata is 34 years old and is the daughter of Aloo Mistry and her father, Noel Tata.

Noel Tata is half-brother of Ratan Tata. Maya is the sibling of Leah and Neville. All three of them are on board at the Tata Medical Centre Trust which gave prominence to these Tata Group heirs.

Maya Tata is the youngest of the three siblings, she has been working in different capacities with the Tata Group. Maya did her education at the UK's Bayers Business School and the University of Warwick, as per the report of Indiatimes.com.

Maya Tata began her career with Tata Opportunities Fund, which was the oldest private equity fund of Tata Group subsidiary Tata Capital until its closure. She later went to Tata Digital. Her father Noel Tata was reportedly keen on Maya staying with the group moving forward. During her time at Tata Digital, the subsidiary launched the Tata Neu app.

Maya previously handled portfolio management and investor relations at the fund, reported the Economic times. Maya is, currently, one of the six board members of the Tata Medical Centre Trust which manages a Kolkata-based cancer hospital that was inaugurated by Ratan Tata in 2011.

Source : DNA India