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Man wins Rs 42 crore lottery; his first purchases: watermelon for himself, flowers for wife

A 77-year-old gentleman residing in Montrose, Colorado, USA, recently struck the jackpot by winning a lottery prize amounting to $5.06 million (equivalent to Rs 42 crore). According to a report by 9News, Waldemar T, the lucky winner, decided to celebrate this windfall by purchasing watermelons and flowers for his beloved wife.

Waldemar T, who was on a trip with his faithful canine companion when his numbers were drawn on September 6, emerged as the fortunate recipient of the "Colorado Lotto+" jackpot. The winning numbers that changed his life were 2-19-20-34-36-37.

When asked about his initial reaction upon discovering that his numbers had been chosen, he expressed disbelief, feeling as though a mistake had been made.

According to a press release from the Colorado Lottery, Waldemar opted for the cash prize, which amounted to $2.53 million (approximately Rs 21.05 crore). He mentioned that this lottery windfall would be instrumental in financing his wife's upcoming surgeries and expressed his intention to contribute a portion of the funds to charitable causes.

"I'm going to donate to various charities and take the time to contemplate the greater purpose of this unexpected blessing," he declared.

Despite his advanced age, Waldemar maintains an active outdoor lifestyle, regularly engaging in activities like biking, hiking, and tennis. He and his wife divide their time, spending six months in Colorado and the remaining half of the year in Arizona.

Source : DNA India