350 guests, Rs 4,500 suit and 3 gold lockets in gift: How a Jharkhand woman celebrated her pet dog’s birthday

In a peculiar Jharkhand occurrence, a woman threw a big birthday celebration for her beloved dog and invited a lot of people. Dogs are renowned for their loyalty and reputation as a person's best friend. A woman from the Loyabad neighbourhood of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, went to the Matkuria petrol pump on November 29 of last year and discovered that a female dog had also been killed on the road.

Sumitra, a woman, saved a stray dog that had been injured but was still alive. After that, Sumitra brought the stray dog home after saving her. Sumitra gave the dog the name 'Oscar'. On November 29, Sumitra organised a large celebration for Oscar and invited almost 300 guests. According to reports, Oscar's birthday suit cost Rs 4500. On social media, the birthday party video is trending.

The "aarti" was followed by cutting the birthday cake. The dog's owner gave the dog three gold lockets as a birthday gift. According to Jagran, Sumitra also offered a patha (goat) as a sacrifice in the third Kali temple in order to guarantee the safety of the dog.

According to Sumitra Kumari, things in her family are doing well now that Oscar has arrived home. His family believes that Oscar has changed their lives. Sumitra prints 300 invitations and sends them out for Oscar's birthday. They were all treated to a lavish feast. On Oscar's birthday, she also gave out fruit to patients in a leprosy asylum.

Source : DNA India