He aced IIT, but hid it to serve the Indian Army: Meet Gaurav Yadav, a President Gold Medal winner

Millions of individuals are inspired by the daily inspiring stories that are posted on social media. A young man from a village in Rajasthan's Alwar district shared an inspirational story online that has gone viral and touched the hearts of millions of people. In order to pursue his dream to join the military, Gaurav Yadav, an Indian farmer's son from the Jajor-Baas village, kept the news that he had successfully passed the IIT entrance exam a secret.

In addition to enrolling in the National Defense Academy, Yadav won the President's gold medal on Wednesday at the NDA's 143rd course. However, realising this dream wasn't simple. Yadav, who has excelled academically and athletically from elementary school, kept his IIT admission success a secret from his family and enrolled in a Delhi institution while continuing to pursue his NDA dream.

Yadav attended the Kerala Public School in Rewari, Haryana, for his education. He received excellent grades throughout his education, passing the 12th grade with a 96% and earning an A+ in the 10th. Yadav was twice successful in passing the NDA entrance exam, however he failed the Services Selection Board (SSB) interview. But he aced the interview on his third try.

According to Yadav, "I would stand in front of the wall in my room and pretend that an SSB panel was interviewing me and that I was replying to their questions," TOI stated. He did, however, succeed in getting into the NDA and in his academic and military training, winning the most renowned gold medal.

"I never thought about it when I joined the academy," he said, adding that at first he had trouble keeping up with the academy's training schedule and was hesitant about the military training. Yadav's parents, Balwant and Kamlesh, are extremely proud of their son, in whom they had complete faith that he would succeed in life, whether or not he attended the IIT.

Source : DNA India