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Dilwale (Hindi Movie)
Starring :  Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Varun Sharma, Boman Irani, Johnny Lever, Sanjay Misra, Kabir Bedi, Vinod Khanna, Mukesh Tiwari, Pankaj Tripathi
Producer : Gauri khan, Rohit shetty
Director : Rohit Shetty
Music : Pritam Chakraborty

Review by : Kriti Agarwal
Rating : 3 out of 5

What's about :  “Dil sab ke paas hota hai lekin sab dilwale nahi hote”— this is the brief theme and story of the film.
 Dilwale  (The big-hearted) is  not entirely a comedy or romance.

''Excess colors blind the eye, loud sounds deafen the ear,

Surfeit flavors numb the taste,

Capricious thoughts weaken the mind, and

Gluttonous desires wither the heart.”

And just because there are 1.6 million colors on your computer, it doesn’t mean you will use every single crayon in the box. But Rohit Shetty has splashed his sets with a riot of colors that bedazzle and bewilder you. even the clothes worn by the actors are color-coordinated with the landscape. The sets look  phony, pretentious and blinding backdrops of a high school fairytale play-out, where the nervous, unsure tutor doesn’t want to miss out a single color, out of fear that the thing may not work.

Exaggeration of everything – fairytale serenading, car chases, costumes, make up; a mirabilia of careful innuendos – jugglers in umbrella hats, balloons, candy floss machines, twinkly light-showers hanging from gabled roofs, sparkly fountains in white lamplights, floating Chinese lanterns, origami, string musicians, horse buggies, colored hoops, pounding waves on lambent beaches – and .......

At least this movie made a jittery Sharukh quickly change his mind about ‘intolerance’ in his own country, and he came out during the promos in complete denial of his previous, public, pulpiteering pontifications.

Location : Goa, Bulgaria ,Hyderabad & Iceland .

Story :   Raj(Shah Rukh Khan) owns a garage in Goa and lives with his younger brother, the mischievous Veer(Varun Dhawan). Veer falls for Ishita(Kriti Sanon) and both get into a relationship. Raj is happy with the union but somewhere he also comes face to face with his violent, troubled past – which he has forgotten long back. He too had someone he loved the most – Meera(Kajol) – but circumstances were such that they could never be together.

Budget and access - Shetty's favoured Lego blocks are visible in Dilwale.

As the plot unravels, involving rival gangster families, a bullet-ridden past the film goes dimly through the motions, not even bothering -- to tickle laughs out of us.

Set mostly in a Goa so oversaturated, it feels like an Aqua video.

The car stunts - coming to us from Golden eye and The Fast And The Furious movies .

Consider this conversation:

Ishita: Tumhare gaal pe marks hain.
Veer: Main kya exam ka paper hoon jo marks ban jayenge.
(Laughter… more laughter)

Or, this one:

Mani Bhai (Johnny Lever): Ye tune do ghadi (watch) kyun nikaali?
Veer: Main ye dono ghadi chor ke haathon me pehna dunga, is se wo do ghadi ka mehmaan ho jayega.
(Laughter… more laughter)

Don’t know about you, but I laughed. Seriously &#X02639

Characters :
Shah Rukh Khan [ Raj ] :
  His charisma engulfs every other thing. A great physique, a calculated walk, a profound voice and a terrifying expression; superb performance, looks aazing with beard & clean shaven. Very heartening to see him smile shyly !
Kajol [ Meera] : Great comebck. looks beguilingly beautiful, stunning and gives sparkling moments. Enter Kajol : The sparks fly, the cars fly, the pallus fly and the whistles in the theatre just don't stop.

Varun Dhawan [ Veer] : Gives a powerpacked performance, enjoying himself immensely.

Kriti Sanon [ Ishita]: looks great, satisfactory performance. gets overshadowed by SRK, kajol, varun .

Johnny Lever [ Mani Bhai]: contributes to the laughter, especially with his accent .
Sanjay Mishra  [ Oscar ] ,

Chetna Pande(Jenny), Nawab Shah(Raghav), Vinod Khanna and Kabir Bedi are good.

Boman Irani(King) is forgettable.
Pankaj Tripathi [Anwar] and Mukesh Tiwari [Shakti ] 's comic timings are good when they reveal SRK's past - a damn funny scene.

Cons :  highly predictable storyline, you can guess the climax even if you're fast asleep, screenplay is unexciting, Direction .

Pros :  Cinematography is stunning and gives a rich look to the film. Some of the scenes especially the one in Bulgaria and Iceland look absolutely beautiful. VFX is upto the mark, Action is a treat. Dialogues are funny and witty – nice to hear these lines after ages!  

Music :

humm-able and good on the ears. Man ma Emotion Jaage is funky. Gerua and Janam Janam stay on in the mind .

Reasons why you should watch ‘Dilwale’ before ‘Bajirao Mastani’ :

1. Shah Rukh Khan is the best thing worth watching ,when he switches on the wattage (Kajol  shines too ).

2. SRK’s track with old flame Kajol.

3. they recreate magic onscreen. When SRK and Kajol look into each other’s eyes, they can still make you feel it .

4. The film takes a detour to Bulgaria, involving the lead pair, gangs, and guns and bullets .

5. Shah Rukh shares space with youngster Varun Dhawan who, in has a romantic track with Kriti Sanon, and a bumbling best friend track with Varun Sharma.

6. for comedy there is the very talented Johnny Lever as a car thief, and Sanjay Misra as a pony-tailed receiver of stolen cars, and Boman Irani as a pink-jacketed mobster with a love of vintage cars.

7. for action lovers, there are cars. “Yes, cars and a couple blow up most satisfactorily.

Some of the best scenes:

1. The opening credits

2. Ishita meets Raj for the first time

3. Veer gets bashed up and the scene thereafter

4. The entire flashback(the best part of the film)

5. The songs Gerua and Janam Janam

6. Meera beats up Manibhai

7. Anwar-Shakti open up about Raj’s ‘past’

8. Manibhai gets drunk, teases King

9. The emotional moment between Raj and Veer in the pre-climax

Bottom line :  Dilwale is immensely enjoyable despite an oh-my-god-this-is-so-predictable story. Keep your brains out of the picture, and you have an out-and-out entertainer.The first half is rocking, the 2nd half is underwhelming. The eternal SRK-Kajol jodi rocks the show especially in the flashback portion which is easily the best part of the film!

Go indulge!

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