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Bajirao Mastani (Hindi Movie)
Starring :  Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Tanvi Azmi , Vaibbhav Tatwawdi, Milind Soman, Aditya Pancholi, Mahesh Manjrekar

Producer : Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Music : Sanchit Balhara

Review by : Kriti Agarwal
Rating : 3 out of 5

What's about : 

‘Bajirao Mastani’ ,  the arduous dramatization of a Marathi novel ‘Rau' by NS Inamdar , can give goosebumps to the drama lovers.

'Duniya ka har dharm mohabbat sikhata hai, Mohabbat ka koi dharm nahi hota. Mohabbat khud hi dharm hai” (All religions teach love, love has no religion and it is a religion in itself) - is what Sanjay Leela Bhansali aims to preach with Bajirao Mastani.

BM explores the romantic side of 18th-century Maratha general Bajirao Ballal Bhat, who fought and won 40 battles against the Mughals with an aim to create a unified Hindu kingdom or Akhand Bharat varsh (united Bharat).

Bajirao Mastani is more about the enemy within ,rather than the enemy at large.

It raises some important questions about equality, discrimination in the name of religion etc.

There are the ''Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'' inspired leaps and jumps in the combats and the ''300: Rise Of An Empire'' like battle scenes.

Location : Amber Fort Rajsthan .

Story :  

Young Bajirao, is declared Peshwa (Prime Minister) - after passing an exam of splitting a peacock feather with his arrow. His doting Brahmin wife Kashi (Priyanka Chopra) waits for him loyally with aarti thaalis, as he sets out on several ruthless came-saw-conquered missions. During the Battle Of Bundelkhand, he falls in love with Mastani(Deepika Padukone), daughter of King Chatrasal of Bundelkhand.

Both get married, bringing upon criticism, hate and even treachery from Bajirao’s own family itself.

The Battle Of Bundelkhand sequence is brilliant ! The battlefield is lit like a football stadium to amplify the 1000 fps set piece.  The manner in which love develops and also the tension is nicely depicted.
The first half looks fabulous  - the second half mesmerizes.
Most gorgeous and most political movie.  

Bhansali uses silence to pinpoint the crucial emotions.

Characters :  

Ranveer  singh [ Bajiirao] :He looks every inch the warrior king. he swaggers, struts and ruts.  charismatic and charming, complete with the Marathi inflection in his lingo and those electric moves in Malhari . His  chiseled muscles and glittering eyes balance vulnerability and vivaciousness.He has clearly worked on his diction, gait and mannerisms & physicality. His transformation stuns viewers! 2 years ago, he was speaking Gujarati in Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela and here, he perfects the Marathi accent ! Take a bow!

Deepika Paducone :[ Mastani ] :creates sizzle , smoulders and looks radiant, Mastani is all dressed up. The way she portrays the warrior, the musician-singer, the second wife in distress –just amazing! Hats off! 

Priyanka Chopra [ Kashibai-Bajirao's first wife] : hurt wife has a couple of strong moments , disarmingly warm and dignified. subtle performance adds grace to Kashibai, conveys the sorrow of a wife, a lover, a friend- forgotten.Her best act is in the Gajanana song!

Tanvi Azmi [ Radha bai - Bajirao's ambitious mother] : plays the villainous act with such power and elegance that she makes you fear.

Vaibhav Tatwawdi [ Chima ji appa-Bajirao's younger brother]: leaves a mark.

Mahesh manjrekar [Maratha Emperor- chhattrapati Shahu ]: his voice suits a Chhatrapati very well, the way it did in the Marathi blockbuster ''Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy''.

Milind Sonam (Ambaji Panth) looks cool sporting the bald look, gives a great performance. Good to see this sexy actor after ages!

Yateen Karyekar(Krishna Bhatt) : great performance.

Zila Khan(Ruhani Begum), Benjamin Gilani (Raja Chhatrasaal), Ayush Tandon (Nana Saheb) and Raza Murad (Nizam Of Deccan). Master Jason Dsouza (Shamsher Bahadur) make an impact in the pre-climax scene.

Irrfan Khan with his voice rocks as the sutradhar.

Cons : 

Direction goes a bit off track in the 2nd half . Climax gets a bit heavy and not convincing. 
story moves at a snail’s pace. The lyrical dialogues and literary brilliance of the dialogues bog the story down .
For example, Ranveer Singh says ,'' doobta sooraj, khilta chand, bewaqt ki baarish, dharm ki zanjeer and mohabbat ki aag'' in one single sentence! The dialogues seem more like an ensemble of Hindi words.
Deepika: “Patni to Radha bhi nahi thi, lekin Krishna ke saath log yaad use hi karte hain.”
Deepika: “Aur ishq ibadat. Ibadat ke liye ijazat nahi li jaati.”
Deepika tells Priyanka: “Aapne yaha aa ke Bundelkhand ki is najayaz beti ko sindoor jitna jayaz bana diya.”

Pros: Tremendous performances, power-packed screenwriting , Excellent cinematography. Every visual resembles a grand painting - courts with shadows and chandeliers, courtiers with tilaks and teers, chambers gleaming with mirrors, skies blushing with passion.  It lights up the eyes with its calm-ness and precision. The serenity of grandeur, pushes the movie higher,

Certain shots like - Bajirao leaping up an elephant - stamp themselves onto your memory.

Costume designing to set designing brighten up the screens .

Sets are simply out of this world. The Aina Mahal is unforgettable. action adds to the fun and masala . VFX plays a very important role and helps in adding the grandness in the film.

Almost every shot, piece of jewellery, exquisite dress and teardrop is designed to the best .

The fight scenes, flying swords, intense teary eyes to the screams of a warrior’s passion - make each shot scenic.

Technically the film is a marvel.  female characters look like they have stepped out of a painting , even Ranveer  gets to strut about in some wonderful anarkalis.

Music : well woven in the narrative.  Deewani Mastani leaves the maximum impact , amazing!  Malhari is foot tapping and energetic. Albela Sajan is  – well shot and composed. Holi song Mohe Rang Do Laal has the feel of Pakizah . Background music is as grand as the film.
Choreography looks authentic to the period in which the film is set and also appealing.   An item number with the two lovelies,—but ‘Pinga’ feeels a tired ‘Dola Re’ rip-off, not spectacular.

Reasons why you should watch ‘Bajirao Mastani’ before ‘Dilwale’ :

1. Right from the beginning, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ has the grandeur, lush sets ,  the gorgeously attired actors.

2. Ranveer Singh is pure class. His Marathi with nasal twang, his swagger,confrontations with his mother and brother, all  a perfect performance –swaggers, struts and ruts, an actor fully enjoying himself.

3. Priyanka Chopra : a striking performance,owning the screen in quite a few of her strong moments. 

4. Tanvi Azmi a talented performer to watch out for in ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

5.  Chemistry between  Deepika and Ranveer, who have set the screen ablaze .

6.  Since BM  has a sombre ending, some might prefer to watch it first and keep Rohit Shetty’s happier ‘Dilwale’ for later.

7.  BM is a breathtaking visual tapestry. The fountains, the chandeliers, the glass palace, the costume creates magic. cinematography is poetic and deserves a standing ovation.

8.  Mastani’s exquisite jewellery designed by the 226-year-old Delhi-based jewellers Shri Hari Diagems, and the grand battle scenes with ample use of CGI.

9. Bajirao Mastani is a classic, memorable, mesmerizing and dazzling piece of cinematic vision -- a new age Mughal e azam .

Some of the best scenes:
  1. Bajirao is appointed as Peshwa
  2. The opening credits
  3. Mastani’s entry
  4. The Battle Of Bundelkhand
  5. Mastani’s battle with Nasir Jung
  6. All songs of the film
  7. The intermission point
  8. Kashibai goes to meet Mastani
  9. Mastani at Chhatrapati Shahu’s darbar
  10. Bajirao goes at night to meet Mastani in Satara
  11. Bajirao names Mastani’s son
  12. Bajirao in conflict with Chimaji
  13. Attack on Mastan
  14. Mastani confronts Krishnaji Bhatt
Bottom line :  BM is a grand romantic saga that leaves a huge mark , award winning performances, sprawling sets, soulful music and entertaining action scenes.

The inherent message is worth it and raises some important questions. Go for it and experience the legendary adventures of Bajirao!  

Bajirao Mastani | Official Teaser | Ranveer Singh- Deepika Padukone- Priyanka Chopra