Rahat Fateh Ali Khan LIVE
Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Qawalis Featuring Come Experience the magic of music with a Powerful Singer. We hear his songs everyday, it is now time to hear him live... Ustad

It has always been such that the Lord takes us for a ride - the ride of life and death, happiness and sorrow, ignorance and illumination. But this one day, on Rath Yatra, we have this rare opportunity to take Lord on a ride, literally speaking. Hindu temple Jagannath Rath Yatra today
July 15
To fulfil the deepest of His devotees’ desire Lord Jagannath has come to Phoenix to make Rath Yatra a reality bringing back the magic and excitement. Details 
July 14
An effort to update the members of Indian community in Phoenix about the most happening events and the going ons in the town. Diorama, a visual journey is but an honest attempt to connect  you with your Indian/Pakistani friends and family. Do watch it and let us know if you like it. Linky
July 13
On Sunday, July 15 at Hindu Temple Of Arizona. This annual trip that Lord Jagannath will take with his sister Subhadhra and brother Balabhadra along with Sudarshan (chakra) will begin at 9 AM. Info
July 11
Shirdi Saibaba Temple Arizona will solemnize the Guru Purnima festival on July 27 at the temple premises. A day to offer your homage to the Guru who has been instrumental in showing you the right path. Details
July 10
STEMkore Summer camps brings on some extra special educational and experimental options which are programmed to benefit the ever curious minds of KIDS(5-14) to explore, learn and acquire certain skills. Info
July 9
Aug Independence Day celebrations date announced by India Association of Phoenix, registrations open. Apply soon or reach out to cultural director and make it the best day out with families. Info
July 6
With the combined efforts of Hindu Temple of Arizona and Oriya , the Rath Yatra festival will be a grand event on July 14th and July 15. Chariot festival will commence on 15 at 9AM . iNFO
July 4
Starting today an attempt to showcase the happenings in the form of a short video film. This video will have multiple flying snippets based on mega events, reviews, talk shows, interviews etc. We intend to show it as a pre-show video in theaters for almost half the month and later post it on our social media & Youtube channel as a monthly roundup news video. Promo.
July 1
Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai who will be in town for 3 days has brought with him the river of wisdom and will allow the believers to wade in its sacred waters and bathe in the divine and boundless joy of spirituality on July 1, 2 and 3 at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix. Info
June 29
Discover the most sought-after jewelries by royalties and Bollywood actors, 3 days Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry exhibition. Witness the dazzling extravaganza that will take your breath away. Info
June 26
If health is wealth then Yoga is the key to that wealth. Indo-American Community Center is going to celebrate the International Day of Yoga on Sunday June 24, followed by free lunch. Embrace Yoga and replenish our energies. Register
June 20
Sri.Vidyabhushana, who holds a Doctorate in ‘Haridaasa Haadugalalli Sangeetha,’ from the Hampi University. Classical singer and former Seer of Kukke Subramanya Mutt, Bhakti sangeet...
June 19
Eid-al-Fitr to glorify Allah on June 15 through Eid Prayers which will be solemnized at a number of mosques across the valley. Submit yourselves in all humility to be the closest to Allah on this day. Locations
June 13
No festival is over with just the austerities, riwayat and discipline associated with it. And certainly not with Eid Mela/Bazaar AZ 2018-loads of entertainment for all desis, attractive booths for shopping and food includes vegan. Only $2 entry, make it a fun weekend. Details
June 12
IACRF invites all to  welcome Shri Shyambhai Thakar who is a devout Krishna bhakta, a Scholar of Sanskrit and the Vedas who will shed light on the life of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva through his discourses on Srimad Bhagavad and Shiv Charitra respectively at the Ekta Mandir from June 8. Info
June 7
Four live musicians and six dancers accompanying Shobana to cast a spell on the audience on June 09 at the Mesa Arts Center in one of her riveting performances bringing out the Indian traditional, mythical and biblical stories alive on stage. Info
June 5
All Classical music from India are known by their Gharanas. With dedicated music lovers like Manu Srivastava heading Phoenix Gharana, time to enlist your interests for August batch. Info
June 3
STEMkore Summer camps brings on some extra special educational and experimental options which are programmed to benefit the ever curious minds of KIDS(5-14) to explore, learn and acquire certain skills. Info
May 31
Shyam Katha Pravachan from Pujya Shyambhai. You heard it right. Blessed are the days from June 8 to 15 when the Bhagavad Katha and Shiv Charitra Katha will flow uninterrupted in the premises of Indo-American Community Center. Details
May 31