Raid (Hindi Movie)
Hindi Movie
Raid is a Hindi film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Ilena D'Cruz, Gayathri Iyer and Saurabh Shukla. Raid is based on one of the most high profile raids the

Shobana's Trance | Dancing Drums
Ace Choreographer and Actor Shobana with 5 Dancers and Live Musicians....Seeking harmony through A pastiche of Sound, Vivid Imagery & Theatre. Synopsis: Trance -is a quest to

Experience Amma's Unconditional Love, Peace and Divine Blessing.
March 19
Shouldering a cause with your feet marching together to feed not just the tummies but the minds of Akshaya Patra school kids and for this you need a caring heart and a kind soul. This Sunday on March 18 join the Phoenix Youth Chapter's 3rd Annual Walkathon. Info
March 16
Curry N Scoop offering discounts on all orders on the occasion of Ugadi celebrations and save your family from stress. Details 
March 15
It is celebration times for people in Arizona as the Ugadi/Gudi Padwa/Chetti Chaand New Year Celebrations is all set to happen at the different temples. Please check our event calander and plan to attend.Details

March 14
Indradhanush is an innovative amalgamation of Indian classical dance Bharathanatyam with exciting Flamenco dance from Spain. Celebration of colors, and springtime Spanish Feria in this concert fusion exploration of diverse and colorful culture. Info
March 12
A divine opportunity for all to gain spiritual insight. Be at Svk Temple Tempe Arizona sunday which will open our eyes to the spirit and ethos of Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana and the Bhagavata Dharma Info
March 11
Challenge one of the world’s tallest Fountains at 560 ft with your high and lofty kites TODAY at the Fountain Park on the occasion of PICO’s 16th Annual Kite Flying Festival Basant Mela. Free entry Info
March 10
A special Sunday awaits you courtesy India Association Of Phoenix who wishes to celebrate the Holi in your company with dance, music and masti at the South Mountain Park on March 11.With cut price entry tickets and free colors to IA Members, make the best Weekend Break. Info
March 8
Come celebrate the Basant Mela with fun and laughter. The 16th Annual Kite Flying Festival is going to unwind with scores of other attractive activities like Henna, Jewelry, apparel, with music, food and merriment. Info
March 6
Our Monthly endeavor to give our readers highbrow & intelligent subject matter by AZIndia Times newspaper is published and online now. Read it here. Monthly event newsletter is also circulated, read online version here.
March 1
If you want your kids to have something special to do during Spring Break, that too learn on public speaking and leadership skills then camp at Makutu’s Island during Spring break by a certified facilitator is your answer. Details
March 1
No end of FUNgama on 4th March, the festival of Holi. There is splash of colors, dash of mukhrochak khana, rush of Rain dance, chance of tapping feet with DHOL plus 2 DJ waale Babu's, a bucketful of other FUNraising events. All you need now is to buy tickets ($10 online & $12 at Venue) & help the cause. Info
February 26
Kothari's an Awe inspiring collection of Diamond Jewelry at Courtyard Scottsdale on February 24th is an irresistible opportunity for Phoenicians to choose from a wide range of this elite dazzling accessory which is unique for each one is exclusively handmade with great love and care. Info
February 20
Hike for Wheels.What can be a kinder deed than to extend the much-needed support to the disabled? a special charity hike which is known to be for supporting the disabled. Be at the South Mountain Park on the 24th of February to enjoy the walk and other special events that are in store for you Info
February 19
Ever since the Vedas and Puranas, self-realization has been a fundamental concept in Hindu scriptures. (A)Dvaita A live classical dance and music presentation by ASU students based on the philosophies from Bhrama-sutra. Details
February 15
Destiny we cannot control but prayers have great powers. When someone community love becomes a memory, these memories will become a treasure for many Indians in Arizona. Let's join hands in prayer for the departed soul Mr.Mahesh Shah Ji of Bharatiya Ekta Mandir. Prayer today Info
February 12
Praise the most powerful lord of the Trimurti, Devaadhi Dev Mahadeva on Maha Shivaratri which will be elaborately celebrated at various temples tomorrow Tuesday, February 13 in the presence of all Shiva Bhakta from Phoenix. Check our event calender and make your schedules
February 12
Harkins North Valley 16 tickets & schedules for Padmaavat & Bhagamathie for this week are here.. watch it on big screen Harkins Padmaavat & Bhagamathie 
February 9
Experience true divinity at Maha Ganapati Temple of Arizona as Maha Sivaratri Celebrations just a few days away. Come and witness some of the most wonderful and peaceful sights on the auspicious day from the morning Abhishekam to the evening Aartis, you will love everything in here. Details
February 8
It is due to the blessings of HH Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, Visit Sri Venkata Krishna Kshetra Udupi Temple to Maha Shivaratri Celebrations. Bask in the holiness of temple as you perform the Shiva Panchakshari Homa & Sri Mruthyunjaya Homa & more. Details
February 6